The band that builds musical bridges   across the world!

We are the band to make a bridge of music across the ocean. Our music is based on jazz,
but also we play many styles such as screen music, latin music and so on. 

 You can listen to our beautiful ensemble and intense ad lib solos!

[Activities and records of winning awards]


PARADE(S)2010 NANTERRE~Festival des arts de la rue Official reception of 2008 Summer Olympics [Tokyo JAZZ 2005] [Tokyo JAZZ 2006] Diners Club Presents - Jazz Session on YouTube*First prize ( Band category)

HARMONIA CUP ’07-’08* First prize ( Band, Arrangement category)


Movies of HIBI★Chazz-K on YouTube are well received by many music fans from all over the world.HIBI★Chazz-K is one of the best bands that plays standard jazz tunes in Japan.

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